Rachel – “thank you for yesterday’s session. Woke up still feeling stretched and flexible; best I’ve felt for some time!! Really appreciate your patience in getting me mobile again”.

Rachel, “I found your ‘hands on’ approach made the concept you are trying to teach more understandable. Some of the terms used to get us to ‘connect something to something else’ is not always easy to visualise whereas when you guided me with your hands on my body as to what I was trying to achieve, it made much more sense. Thank you”.

“Great class Rachel. I love Zoom & so happy you have/are keeping us going. And not forgetting a few belly laughs as always”.

“Thank you, thank you Rachel. After struggling with a pulled muscle under my arm for nearly a week I had a 1-2-1 with Rachel this morning and we worked on stretching and breathing. Just feel so much better”.

“Please can I have a mini-Rachel to keep in my pocket. I feel so good after this morning’s 1-2-1 ”

“Amazing 121 today, as always: you dig a little deeper each time and encourage me to go further. I feel fab and my back feels amazing. Thank you”.

Before I started Pilates with Rachel, I felt I was living half a life. My back had plagued me for three years. Because of the pain I had stopped exercising, gained weight and was losing confidence daily. By contrast I find I have total confidence when exercising with Rachel – she is so highly trained and knowledgeable that I know I will be able to complete the exercises. I now wake up not thinking my back aches – it does not control my day. Pilates is not only helping me to control my back pain but is also helping me to like myself again. Thankyou Rachel.

I have attended several Pilates classes over the years. I have to say that Rachel is by far the best. The way the instructor explains each exercise, what we should be doing and how to achieve it, is fantastic! I’ve never really understood Pilates until now.

Pilates classes with Rachel are fantastic. They have enabled me to build my core strength and have given me my flexibility back. My 6ft posture has also completely changed and standing for long periods no longer brings discomfort. I really look forward to my class each week and find the tuition. Feedback really helps me get the most from my body, even with a knee injury. Would highly recommend.